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Question 1: I have lost my password. What do I do now?

Answer: If have lost your password, CLICK HERE. Then click on the "lost password" link to have your current password emailed to you.

Question 2: Can I send a Gift e-Subscription?

Answer: Yes, you can purchase a gift e-Subscription and have a gift email sent to your recipient with the subscription information. Click here to purchase a gift e-Subscription.

Question 3: I have changed my email address. What do I do?

Answer: CLICK HERE to log into your account. Once there, click on the "change password/edit profile" link.

Question 4: Once I purchase a subscription, when will it start?

Answer 4: Your subscription will begin with the current month (unless you notify us otherwise). Once you have signed up, please allow up to 1 business day for us to activate your account.

Question 5: Where do you receive your information? What are your sources?

Answer 5: Click here for our bibliography.

Question 6: Where can I purchase sources referred to in the Guide?

Answer 6: Click here to for links to purchase selected references from our bibliography.

Question 7. When is the Guide available for download online?

Answer 7. Pdf files of the weekly issues of the Guide are posted 1 to 2 weeks before the week they are needed. These files will remain in the downloads area for approximately 2 months.

Question 8. May I share my copy of the Guide with others?

Answer 8. The online version of the Researched Bible Guide is licensed for your own personal use. You may not distribute the Researched Bible Guide in any form under any circumstances, including sending a link to the file, sending the files themselves, or distributing printed copies. However, you may download and archive the files on your computer.

Question 9. What is "pdf" and how can I obtain the Acrobat Reader software?

Answer 9. The Guide is in pdf format ("portable document format" - a program which allows the viewer to view a document on their computer exactly as the document was created without the viewer having to have the actual software and fonts which were used to create the document). It is read by Acrobat Reader software. This software is standard in most computers. If you do not have it you can download the free software here.

Question 10. Is there a print version of the Researched Bible Guide?

Answer 10. YES! we now offer a weekly PRINT EDITION mailed to your home (USA subscribers only) CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE or click here to print out an order form.

Question 11. How can I renew my subscription?

Answer 11. Click here for renewal instructions.

Question 12. Do I have to pay over the internet?

Answer 12. When you make your payment over the internet, you are using our secure PayPal processing center. These transactions are encrypted using military grade encryption tools. However, if you wish, you may also pay:

Over the phone: credit card orders by phone, call 602-635-1987 (Monday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight Eastern time)

By check: Make checks payable to "" and mail to:
PO Box 217
Tahoma, CA 96142

(Outside of the USA? please add $3.00 to your cheque total for currency exchange charges)

Question 13. Who publishes the Researched Bible Guide?

Answer 13. Click here to learn about us.

Question 14. How can I contact you?

Answer 14. Click here to contact us.

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